Gelia Dolcimascolo

About Gelia


A prize-winning poet, Gelia Dolcimascolo has been The Writers Circle facilitator and LTC writing tutor on the Georgia Perimeter College Dunwoody campus in Atlanta for 25 years. Her poems have been published internationally and exhibited in several Georgia galleries throughout the Atlanta area. She has just published a new book, Effie's Chance to Dance, illustrated by Rob Rice.

"As the daughter of a composer-pianist, I was surrounded by the arts literally before birth. At the age of twelve, I chose dance classes over piano lessons. After fulfilling my career as a modern dancer and instructor, I shifted to its opposite - writing. Returning to college, I studied print journalism, which opened my view to the larger world. Yet poetry was always my love.

Much of my poetry addresses familial and personal relationships or observations, whether of my own or of others. Although I usually write "free" verse, I have been called a "closet rhymer," a truth that surfaced in Aurelia and the Library of the Soul, my first novella. When writing poems, I find pleasure in compressing the language, playing with rhythm and rhyme, and shaping the words as they as they travel from my mind to pen and finally to print or mixed-media art/poems.

A rich community of fellow writers and poets keeps the stream flowing. Expressing my poetry through visual art is a recent development for me. Whether on the page, on a wall or on a screen, the unexpected reward comes from readers or viewers moved by something I have created."



High School of Performing Arts, NYC, Dance Major
Bachelor of Arts, Dance Major, University of California, Irvine
Santa Ana College, California (Journalism Major) Irvine Valley College, California
DeKalb College, Atlanta